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Children running a race

Chesterfield School Sport Partnership is an organisation passionate about changing the lives of young people through sport, physical activity and educational interventions.

The Chesterfield School Sport Partnership is hosted by Brookfield Community School and was formed in 2004 as part of the Physical Education (PE), School Sport and Club Links strategy (PESSCL), and later the PE, School Sport and Young People Strategy (PESSYP). Since the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games the Chesterfield School Sport Partnership has worked a range of partners including local schools, Derbyshire County Council, Derbyshire Sport, Youth Sport Trust and Chesterfield Borough Council to support schools and young people across Chesterfield to reach their potential through PE, sport, leadership and physical activity.

We have a small experienced team, with a proven track record of commitment to developing opportunities for young people through PE and education programmes, leadership and volunteering, school sport, health, physical activity and community links.

Our Vision

To ensure that young people in Chesterfield enjoy their experience of Physical Education and sport, are supported to fulfil their potential and motivated to choose a healthy active lifestyle.

7 Ambitions

• High Quality Physical Education and Education Programmes: To engage young people and PE teachers in developing an enjoyable, high quality PE curriculum that develops the skills, confidence and character of all young people and which motivates them to fulfil their potential and choose a healthy active lifestyle.

• School Sport: To provide a well organised, appropriate and enjoyable programme of competitions and festivals for students of all abilities, including those with special educational needs (SEN) or a disability, at local and county levels and linking to national governing bodies, creating sustained competitive sport in schools.

• Leadership and Volunteering: To offer a leadership development programme supporting young people (Key Stage 1 – Post 16) that aims to recruit, develop and deploy young leaders in roles such as coaching, officiating, administration and communications.

• Club and Community Links: To ensure that young people of all abilities can transfer from their school and college activities to sustained activity in community based sports clubs.

• Talent Identification and Development: To ensure all young people who are gifted and talented in PE and sport are identified and appropriately supported.

• Physical Activity: To ensure that more young people take part more often in locally co-ordinated physical activity programmes and lead a healthy active lifestyle.

• Management, Governance, Funding and Communication: To ensure that all stakeholders involved in the delivery of PE and school sport share the vision and ambitions within this plan and work together to achieve the targets.

Children running a race

Children running a race
Children running a race

Children running a race

There are six ways of working which underpin our work; Promoting high quality We would like to see the principles of ‘high quality’ running through each of these action plans. Reducing inequalities There are many actions relating to opportunities for pupils with SEN and a disability within the plan. Reducing inequalities more broadly is an underpinning way of working. Partners are encouraged to consider what actions they need to take to reduce inequalities in participation of girls and young women, BME pupils, those pupils living in rural locations as well as disabled pupils, and other groups of young people who participate less. Seeking innovation To generate innovation through listening to young people, keeping up to date with national developments, insight and researching sharing good practice. Working in partnership This is the preferred way of working. For this plan to succeed, partnerships are essential between schools, school sport partnerships, local authorities and community sport clubs etc. Building capacity Embracing workforce development is fundamentally important to the success of this plan, it is a pre-requisite to increasing participation and improving performance. Lots of work has to be undertaken to recruit more leaders, coaches and volunteers and to support the professional development of everyone involved in the delivery of the plan. Measuring performance It is very important that we are able to report progress against the actions and the overall impact of this plan. Gathering and reporting data is essential in this process. Measuring performance will allow programmes to be refined and will produce evidence to demonstrate the outcomes from this work.