Project Ability

Project Ability

On behalf of Brookfield Community School, Chesterfield School Sport Partnership lead the Project Ability programme in Derbyshire.

The aim of Project Ability is to have more young disabled pupils taking part in competitive sport. Through a range of interventions and activities, lead schools delivering Project Ability will support schools to improve and extend their provision for young people with SEND to take part in PE and sport that is fully inclusive and competitive.

As a project Ability lead, we will reinforce the key messages around the role and messages of being a Project Ability Lead School as an Enabler, Advisor and Advocate.


Project Ability ambitions:

  • Increasing the number, range and quality of opportunities for young people to participate and progress in PE, School Sport and the School Games.
  • Increasing the skills and confidence of the school sport workforce to provide high quality provision.
  • Raising Aspirations of young people with SEND and those that support them to realise their potential in and through physical education and sport.
  • Embedding student voice to ensure our provision meets the needs of all pupils with SEND.


We will aim to achieve this through the following activities:

  1. Provide regular training, advice and guidance to the school sport workforce on inclusive practice (Advisor, Enabler)
  2. Work with others to support them to provide inclusive competition and strengthen entry and exit pathways to school games and regular participation (Advisor, Enabler)
  3. Showcase what can be achieved through sharing good inclusive practice, use of role models,  allowing and supporting  young people to lead the way (Advocate, Advisor, Enabler)
  4. Use our collective expertise to test and drive innovative practice and new solutions to maximise impact (Advisor)