Evidencing the Impact – Guidance & Template

Newly updated template to support schools with the reporting of their Primary PE & Sport Premium funding.

Maintained schools, including those that convert to academies, MUST publish, on their website by 4th April 2017, information about their use of the Primary PE and Sport Premium.

Schools should publish the amount of premium received; a full breakdown of how it has been spent (or will be spent); what impact the school has seen on pupils’ PE and sport participation and attainment and how the improvements will be sustainable in the future. Schools should also consider how their use of the premium is giving pupils the opportunity to develop a healthy, active lifestyle.

The premium must be spent by schools on making additional and sustainable improvements to the provision of PE and sport for the benefit of all pupils to encourage the development of healthy, active lifestyles.

The Secretary of State does not consider the following expenditure as falling within the scope of additional or sustainable improvement:

  • Employing coaches or specialist teachers to cover planning preparation and assessment (PPA) arrangements – these should come out of schools’ core staffing budgets
  • Teaching the minimum requirements of the national curriculum PE programmes of study – including those specified for swimming

The Primary PE and Sport Premium must be used to fund additional and sustainable improvements to the provision of PE and sport, for the benefit of primary-aged pupils, to encourage the development of healthy, active lifestyles.

The Department for Education commissioned afPE and the Youth Sport Trust to create a national template which has been updated to include swimming data. Head teachers, Governors and Subject Leaders will be able to use this simple reporting mechanism to ensure they are compliant.

You can find tools to help you measure and report on the impact of your spend by clicking HERE.

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Brockwell to represent after Sportshall Athletics Final

Brockwell Junior School were crowned champions for the second year running, after an incredible team performance. The atmosphere was incredible and each team showed great sportsmanship towards every team.

Eight schools from around Chesterfield qualified for the Y5&6 Sportshall Athletics Final, taking place at Queen’s Park Sports Centre.

The first event to take place was the obstacle relay, the determination on every single child’s face was amazing to see. Brockwell Juniors built up an early lead from the first events but Hasland Juniors were hot on their heels. Only 12 points separated 3rd and 6th place.

Throughout the event, all the leaders looked very closely at each team to see who showed the Spirit of the Games values. It was a tough decision but all the leaders decided to give the Spirit of the Games Award to Hasland Juniors for showing great respect towards all who took part, they not only cheered for their team in each event but also cheered for every other school as well.

Denise, a parent from Brockwell, said: “I really enjoyed watching such a wide range of activities in such a short amount of time and seeing all the kids loving it, I was really impressed with how smoothly it ran and was even more impressed with how encouraging all the schools were to each other”.

Leanne, a leader from Chesterfield School Sport Partnership, said: “Throughout the day I saw some great techniques being shown, this amazed me by how much the schools had prepared for this event”.

The event would not have been possible without the amazing help shown by staff, parents and carers, we would like to give a massive thank you to all who contributed and helped out.

Well done to all the schools that competed in our Sportshall Athletics Final and a massive congratulations to Brockwell who goes onto represent Chesterfield at the Derbyshire Schools’ County Finals on Tuesday, 28th March.

Photos from the event can be found here.

For a full list of results, please check out our results page using the link below.

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FREE Swim workshop

A free workshop being delivered by the Chesterfield Swimming Club, Chesterfield Swimming Club, and ‘ASA’ England Programmes Para-Swimming.

This workshop has been designed to assist teachers and coaches from all local clubs, swim schemes and school swimming providers throughout Derbyshire. 

The workshop will be spilt into 2 separate parts; a classroom part and a pool part.  The pool based lesson will give teachers and coaches the chance to work with swimmers of different abilities and impairment groups as well as the chance to work with experienced teachers and coaches who will be on hand to offer help and support.  The classroom part will cover areas such as teaching/coaching different impairment groups, adaptations from early practices to elite performers and integrating Para-Swimmers into mainstream environments.

There will also be plenty of opportunity for teachers and coaches to ask any questions they may have regarding working with swimmers with disabilities.  It will be a day of developing links within the local area and also sharing and developing ‘best practice’.

For more details – Click here – Chesterfield_Skills_Festival

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Healthy living on the menu at Change 4 Life Champions Conference

Over 100 Key Stage 2 pupils from 27 schools took part in the fun and exciting activities at the Change4Life Champions Conference.

It was the first of two Change 4 Life Champions Conferences that we are running this academic year and was held in collaboration with the Bolsover and North East Derbyshire School Sport Partnerships.

Using modules developed and supported by the Youth Sport Trust, who have harnessed the inspiration of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, we aim to provide training for Key Stage 2 Change 4 Life Champions so they can be positive role models for their least active classmates. The Champions will now be able to go back to schools, implement some of the things they have learned and support Change 4 Life Clubs of their own.

Sarah Evans, Leadership and Physical Activity Officer at the Chesterfield School Sport Partnership, said: “We wanted the day to be fun and engaging for the Champions. The Change 4 Life Champions have learned how to run Change 4 Life programmes and how to publicise a healthy and active lifestyle. I can’t wait to see what they come up with.”

Our athlete mentor, Ben Pipes who represented Great Britain in Volleyball at the London 2012 Olympics, delivered inspiring messages and talked about his journey in life. However, instead of just telling everyone, he decided to smartly act out his life by getting the children up and active by acting out the sports he used to play. The children went onto play a couple of warm up games with Ben until he split them off into their separate groups.

The event was run over three workshops: Leading, Inclusion and Creativity.

The leading champions workshop was designed to explore interactive activities to help share the health & wellbeing messages.

India, from the Chesterfield School Sports Partnership, said: “try and make the club as fun and positive as you can. Whilst remembering to deliver an active lifestyle message”.

The inclusion workshop helped the champions explain and demonstrate use of the STEP model; Space, Task, Equipment, People to ensure all young people are included and active.

One champion from North Wingfield Primary, said: “the space could be bigger by adding another few lines from the opposite badminton courts so we have more space to move around in”. The game ran very well and the champions came up with many ideas for each word of STEP. A pupil from Brockwell added: “we could use two balls so there would be two people on and two ball carriers, when someone gets tug they have to stand still and the only way they can be freed is by catching the ball from the ball carriers”.

When asked what advice would you give a parent/person to motivate a young individual to be active and eat well? Athlete Mentor, Ben Pipes, said: “It is important to encourage them to try new things, everything is different to start with and working with new people can be tough but keep going! Food is fuel and fuelling with the right balance of all the different types of food makes us feel great.”

There was also a deliverer’s workshop for teachers which ran parallel to the conference. Attended by 30 energised members of staff, the Change 4 Life Deliverers workshop developed the knowledge and expertise of school staff and club deliverers to effectively deliver Change 4 Life Clubs. It was also used to raise achievement and impact on whole school priorities.

Delivering the workshop, John Barker, Partnership Development Manager at the Bolsover School Sport Partnership, said: “It was a privilege to deliver the Change 4 Life workshop to an engaging audience of staff, who all acknowledge the crucial role physical activity plays in developing healthy active young people and the positive impact this plays on whole school outcomes.”


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Government outlines sport strategy progress

The Department of Culture, Media and Sport has released a progress report outlining the work it has done one year on from the release of Sporting Future: A new strategy for an active nation. The strategy presented a radical change of direction in sport policy placing five key outcomes at its heart: physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing, individual development, social and community development and economic development.
The report sets out progress against:

  1. engagement in sport as a participant, volunteer or spectator
  2. maximising international and domestic success and the impact of major events
  3. supporting a more productive, sustainable and responsible sport sector.

One area of progress highlighted in the report is the release of the Childhood Obesity Plan. This outlines the Government’s plans to update the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework for schools and childcare providers in early 2017 to make specific reference to the UK Chief Medical Officers guidelines for physical activity in the early years. The BHFNC manifesto The Best Start in Life, listed this as one of our key asks for government to integrate physical activity into daily life for children under five.

With regards to physical activity, the main areas of progress since the release of Sporting Future: A new strategy for an active nation are:

  • broadening of Sport England’s remit to promote and measure physical activity including walking, cycling and dance
  • release of a new £120 million fund to tackle inactivity over the next four years targeted at people who are least likely to participate in physical activity, eg, women, older people or people with disabilities
  • at least 25% of Sport England funding to focus on tackling inactivity, specific targets are yet to be set
  • a new Clinical Leadership Group set up to work with health providers to promote the integration of sport and physical activity into care pathways which includes exploring the potential for more disease specific evidence and guidelines/resources
  • work by Public Health England to develop sport and exercise medicine and its implementation within mainstream NHS and public health systems particularly through the National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine
  • raising awareness through the development of messages and marketing that encourage everyone to be active – these will build on the existing campaigns Change4Life, One You and This Girl Can
  • the release of the childhood obesity strategy which includes actions to help children enjoy 30 minutes of PE in school and the creation of a new healthy rating scheme for schools.

DOWNLOAD: Sporting Future, First Annual Report

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Boccia Competition in Chesterfield

Special Olympics Derbyshire are hosting a regional boccia competition for people with a learning disability on March 26th in Chesterfield. The competition will run throughout the day along with a come and try session for anyone wanting to have a go for the first time or just wanting some extra time to play. All details can be found here:


Venue: Queens Park Sport Centre

Time: 10.30am to 2.30pm

Cost: £10 per team or £2 per person (come and try session)


Please encourage people to get involved as it is a great opportunity to play boccia within a local competition.


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Schools geared up for Early Racers event

13 schools across Chesterfield had the chance to experience a fun day of cycle-themed activities at the 2017 Early Racer Festival. Delivered by the Chesterfield School Sport Partnership (SSP) and supported by Wheely Fun Wheels, pupils from four years old enjoyed a variety of activities. Spread across 12 stations, there were three cycling activities: Italian pursuit, the team relay and the sprint to stop race. Using the pedal-less bikes, the children could put their prior balance bike training into practice in these fun races. Alastair Meikle, lead bikeability instructor for Wheely Fun Wheels, explained how “using balance bikes helps children’s static and dynamic balance, improves their confidence and gives them their first step towards a cycling future.”

Mark Tournier, Partnership Development Manager at the SSP, said: “We are delighted to welcome nearly 600 infants to take part in the Early Rider festival. This is much more than a festival of cycling, it is a chance to really excite and engage young people in sport and physical activity though cycling based fundamental skills.

The remaining stations, which were run by Sports Leaders from Chesterfield College, were all closely linked to cycling and road safety. These activities aimed to connect with the wider school curriculum. They included the “Think” and “See” stations, where the infants labelled parts of the bikes and then completed a word search to find words related to cycling.

Lacey, a pupil from Brampton Primary School, said: “I love riding the bike! And the colouring was fun!”

Mrs Pendleton from Highfield Hall Primary School, said: “I like the links to the work we do at school. By having word searches and handwriting activities, they can have a rest and still learn. The kids also enjoyed the station where they labelled the bike parts and the Young Leader running it was excellent.”

The Early Rider programme, delivered as the new Bikeability Balance Plus, is the start of the cycling pathway for young people in Chesterfield schools which leads into bikeabilty levels 1, 2 and 3, skills to ride and cyclo-cross competitions to look forward to.


Photos available here

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Yr3/4 Sportshall Athletics off to a flying start

What a great start for the Y3/4 Sportshall Athletics event at Queens Park Leisure Centre and Springwell Community College. All teams showed great sportsmanship and team work.

18 teams from across Chesterfield took part in our fun Sportshall Athletics event over the two days.

There were 6 track events and 6 field events to take part in.

The first event was the obstacle relay, which included high steppers, speed bounce and hurdles. All teams showed great determination and were all cheering for each and every person on their team.

The events ran smoothly with the help from Chesterfield College and Springwell Community College leaders. All of the leaders motivated and encouraged the children in their events.

A few children from several schools at the end came up and said thank you and that they had a great time. Abigail from Abercrombie said “I really loved five strides”.

A parent also commented on how well the event was organised and coordinated, “I had a great time watching the event and being here.”

Jo from Brockwell said: “It was a great event and was run really well, I really enjoyed it.”

All teams were awarded certificates at the closing ceremony to reward them of their hard work, dedication and respect towards others.

Written by Leanne and James

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Young Leaders at Brockwell Junior

The following piece was put together by the Young Leaders at Brockwell Junior School as part of the Reward and Recognition Scheme. It is a fantastic example of the School Games values, as well as the ability to reflect on past accomplishments and plan for the future…

“We are the Young Leaders, and are working hard to make sure that every child is involved in as many physical activities as possible. We have five groups of Young Leaders in school that target a wide variety of children’s needs and activities. The Bronze Young Ambassadors lead some of our Intra-school competitions; so far we have had competitions for two Paralympics running events and a Boccia tournament. As a direct impact of their dedication and enthusiasm, every child in school signed up to play Boccia, that’s 252 and a lot of teams! It was organised as a knockout tournament with the games being held every playtime. Taya, a wheelchair user, says that, ‘Boccia allows her to play the game with her friends, just like her friends.’ She also feels that, ‘playing intra-school competitions has made her feel more confident in the inter-school Boccia competition.’ The Bronze Young Ambassadors also organise a whole school sports day and lead our media publications of the physical activities in school.

“We also have our Change4Life Crew who are doing a fantastic job of increasing children’s physical activity during play times. They are using a brilliant programme called Go Noodle, which includes fun dancing, stretching and relaxing videos for the children to follow. Their numbers of participation, since using Go Noodle, have increased from around 10 a session to over 45, which is nearly the full year group that is invited to any given session. As so many are now attending, the Change4Life Crew are having to double up on duties to ensure that the children are being well supervised and managed. This means they are all working twice as hard, for the benefits of all others. Working with the Obesity Plan, the Change4Life Leaders make themselves available at snack times, armed with iPads and the Change4Life ‘Be Food Smart’ App to help children understand better, the foods they are choosing to eat. This is proving to have a positive impact on the children’s healthy eating choices.

“It came to light, through discussion, that many of our girls do not join in what is traditionally considered ‘boy’s sport’ as they feel ‘it is too rough’ for them. This, together with the high profile This Girl Can movement, instigated the coming together of another group of dynamic Young leaders. Brockwell’s own This Girl Can Team is run by girls for girls. Their aim is to promote the participation of girls in all sport and to provide them with the experiences, skills and confidence to play these sports, not only for pleasure but also at competition level. As a result of the This Girl Can Team, Brockwell Junior put together their first girl’s only football club, entered their first girl’s football tournament and enjoyed success at county level by achieving a magnificent Bronze medal.

“Our largest group of Young Leaders are the Mini Leaders, who can be found throughout the day, engaging and encouraging children to participate in a wide variety of sporting activities, team games and physical movement. They also support the other young leaders in delivering their activities, such as the whole school New Age Kurling tournament. New Age Kurling was recently introduced at Brockwell Juniors after 50 children attended a festival and ‘discovered’ this new sport. William said, ‘Kurling is my all time favourite sport,’ so who were we to deny him the chance to continue playing it?

“We believe that small changes to lifestyle can have a big effect on the health and well-being of young people, which is why we are working with the Modeshift STARS accreditation scheme to encourage children (and staff) to travel actively to school. During the first year of implementing these changes it became clear that the teachers needed help from some young leaders, hence the introduction of the Travel Smart Ambassadors. This set of leaders implements many competitions that run through the school holidays as well as during term time, such as Active Summer and Active Winter. These competitions require children and their families to ‘Tweet’ in their activities and have really helped to form and build upon home-school collaborations for active lifestyles. A great number of Tweets are received during the competitions, and have proved to be very popular. Most of these photos are of children being active with their families. This shows that the leaders are having an impact in the wider community not just with the children of Brockwell.

“As a collective group of over 60 Young Leaders, we attend regular meetings to discuss new ideas and achievements, attend training sessions, such as lessons in photography, green screen reporting and how to blog our efforts. The Young Leaders of Brockwell (under the watchful eye of the P.E Coordinator) operate our own Twitter account to hold competitions, as well as inform and report regularly on the activities happening in school. Each leader promotes the Spirit of the Games and each has the power to award children with Spirit of the Games bands when these values are shown – this has had a huge impact on how the children work with each other and conduct themselves around school, not just in P.E sessions.

“Our plans for the future are evolving and growing to a scale that is unusual in most settings. Our leaders are phenomenal in their roles and truly believe in what they do. They are passionate and proactive in passing their enthusiasm on to others, with outstanding results. ‘Keeping up with the demands of the young leaders is a full time job,’ said the P.E Coordinator, ‘but as a school, we could not be prouder of the work they do.’”


Brockwell Junior School has also been awarded the SCHOOL OF THE MONTH for February!


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Change 4 Life Conference receives top marks

A massive total of 27 schools turned up to take part in the fun and exciting activities at the Change4Life Champions Conference. The event started with an introduction by John Barker, Partnership Development Manager of Bolsover and District School Sport Partnership, outlining the importance of being a champion and all the skills they would be developing throughout the day. John also expressed the importance of the message Change4Life was spreading across schools. Athlete Mentor, Ben Pipes went onto tell everyone about his journey in life and encouraged the children to move around and act out the sports he used to play. The children went onto play a couple of warm up games with Ben until he split them off into their separate groups.

The event was run over three workshops: Leading, Inclusive and Creative.

The leading workshop was ran by Clare and Craig from Bolsover and District School Sport Partnership. The main aim for this workshop was to help the champions understand how to plan and deliver their own C4L session. The champions started in their school groups and each group were given a card that explained what they had to deliver to each other. After 5 minutes thinking time, the champions delivered the sessions very well and could very easily go away and create and lead their own sessions at their schools. To finish the workshop, the champions went through an evaluation of how their session went and what they could improve to make the session even better.

India, from the Chesterfield School Sports Partnership, encouraged the children by adding: “Try and make the club as fun and positive as you can. Whilst remembering to deliver an active lifestyle message”.

Ben Pipes, alongside Sarah and James from the Chesterfield School Sport Partnership, ran the inclusive workshop. The workshop was all based around the STEP model; Space, Task, Equipment, People. The aim throughout the session was to get the champions thinking of ideas to adapt a game, taking into account the STEP model. For example, to change the space, one champion from North Wingfield Primary, said, “The space could be bigger by adding another few lines from the opposite badminton courts so we have more space to move around in”. The game ran very well and the champions came up with many ideas for each word of STEP. Liberty from Brockwell said, “We could use two balls so there would be two people on and two ball carriers. When someone gets tugged, they have to stand still and the only way they can be freed is by catching the ball from the ball carriers”.

Finley, from Old Hall Junior School was extremely excited about the event, exclaiming, “Line Tag got us the sweatiest and it was by far my favourite.”

When asked what advice would he give a parent/person to motivate a young individual to be active and eat well, Athlete Mentor Ben Pipes, said, “It is important to encourage them to try new things, everything is different to start with and working with new people can be tough but keep going! Food is fuel and fuelling with the right balance of all the different types of food makes us feel great.”

The creative workshop was a fun and exciting opportunity to let the champion’s ideas flow on paper. The main goal explained to the champions was the importance of creating a range of opportunities for sharing the Change4Life message across school.

The champions took part in a thinking task where they had to think of different times during the school day where they could share Change4Life messages across school. Following on from this, the champions had to think where specifically they could spread the message across school, such as entrance hall, playground and corridors.

The champions got given a set of ‘Champion Message Method cards’ as well as an A3 ‘Times and places’ grid. Each group had to discuss where the best place was to put the Message Method cards on the grid. The purpose of this task was to give the champions an opportunity to pick where they think was the best time to share messages.

Whilst the champions were busy having a great time with all the workshops, the teachers embarked on a mentoring session led by John from Bolsover and District School Sport Partnership. The aim of the session was to show the teachers how to run a Change4Life Sports Club as well as which children to target. After the mentoring session, Ben, from Poolsbrook Primary School, was asked what he had learnt from the mentoring session and if he thought it was important that the teachers be informed about Change4Life as well as the children. “The thing I learnt most was the different ways to target children and yes, teachers should be informed as well because if not some teachers may not know what to do”.

Overall, the day was a great success and from the comments received after the event, it was clear the message had been passed on correctly. All the champions couldn’t wait to get back to school to set up their own Change4Life Sports club for the rest of their school.

We would like to thank everyone who took part and participated in our Change4Life conference. A special thanks to Ben Pipes and our workshop deliverers who did a great job at getting the C4L message across.



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