Active Travel Ambassador

Travel Smart Week

Derbyshire County Councils Travel Smart week is here and its easy to take part. All you need to do is actively travel to and from school everyday this week. How? Walking, Cycling or scooting.

There are many benefits to both you and the environment. These include;

– Reducing CO2 emissions

– Developing better road sense

– Contributes to your 60 minutes of physical activity a day

– Concentrate better at school for up to 4 hours

Lets take on the challenge, how many days can you actively travel to school?

Click here for more information

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Prmary Cross Country Year 5 Girls

What motivates young people to be active?

This animation below and guidance from Sports Coach UK and Sport England is the second in a series of learning for youth coaches in bite-sized pieces. It is the second in a series, the first of which, ‘What makes your sessions Unmissable for Young People?’ can be found here. The third, ‘How to Coach young people when life changes’, will be released at the end of April.

This animation shows how everyone has a different reason or motivation for taking part in sport – these reasons can change with time.

Coaches play an essential role in keeping young people engaged in sport if they:

– Find out why young people turn up to sessions

– Plan and deliver sessions to meet these reasons or motivations

– Recognise when motivations have been fulfilled.

Sports Coach UK and Sport England have been working together to support youth coaches in understanding and applying learning from the latest youth insight Under the Skin. As part of this, they asked young people why they take part in sport or activity. The most common reasons included:

– to meet new people

– to hang out with friends

– to get in shape

– to be healthy

– for fun and enjoyment

– to learn new skills.

The challenge for coaches, activators and leaders is to plan and deliver sessions to meet these reasons for taking part. Use the video to help you consider ‘What motivates young people to be active?’

Remember – all young people are different and will have different reasons for taking part, based on their different experiences, personality and lifestyle factors.

Download the accompanying guide ‘‘What motivates young people to be active?‘.

(Via Sports Coach UK)

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Chesterfield U.Dance Platform - The Winding Wheel 2.12.15
Sportshall Athletics 1.3.16 Queens park Sports Centre
Eatwell guide

Public Health England introduce new Eatwell Guide

Public Health England (PHE) regularly reviews dietary recommendations as part of its role in promoting public health. In light of new evidence about our diet and health, particularly revised recommendations on sugars and fibre, a review of The Eatwell Plate was undertaken. As a result of the review, a new healthy eating guide for the UK has been developed – The Eatwell Guide.  Continue reading

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Photo: Chesterfield SSP

Players’ Kit Scheme 2016 open for applications

School and district teams can now apply for new kit in latest edition of Premier League programme

This season’s Premier League Players’ Kit Scheme has now opened for applications from schools and district teams across the country.
The Scheme, which is now in its fifth year, sees players from each of the 20 Premier League Clubs donate funds for full team kits (of 15 strips) to school groups and district teams who apply online via this link.  Continue reading

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special olympics