The volunteers of Chesterfield & District Athletics Club received royal recognition when the Lord Lieutenant of the County, Mr William Tucker, the Queen’s representative, presented Brian Larder, Club President, with a commemorative crystal to mark the ‘Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service’ – equivalent to an MBE  He also presented Kerry Baker, Membership Secretary with the official framed citation and commented very favourably on the quality of the original nomination and the strength of the Club’s volunteer workforce since it started in 1978.  Frank Gorman, Club Secretary, introduced the principal guest and later thanked him on behalf of the Club.  The Club can now include the official QAVS log on their website and any printed material.

The event took place at the Proact Stadium when other dignitaries present were Mrs Tucker; Mrs. Elizabeth Fothergill, the High Sheriff of Derbyshire; the Vice-Chair of Derbyshire County Council, Councillor Janet Hill and husband Dave, and the Mayor and Mayoress of Chesterfield, Councillor Steven Brunt and Mrs Jill Mannion-Brunt.

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Photo: Chesterfield SSP

Sport England Strategy 2016 – 2021

Recently, Sport England released their new strategy for 2016-212, Towards an Active Nation.  This follows the launch of the Government’s new Sports Strategy at the end of last year, as well as a detailed consultation process (which the Youth Sport Trust contributed to).  Their strategy is available on their website (

I draw your particular attention to some specific highlights:

  • Dedicated funding to get children and young people active from the age of five, including a new fund for family-based activities
  • Offering training to at least two teachers in every secondary school in England to help them better meet the needs of all children, irrespective of their level of sporting ability
  • Working with the sport sector to put customers at the heart of everything they do, using research and the principles of behaviour change to inform their work
  • Piloting new ways of working locally by investing in up to 10 places in England – a mix of urban and rural areas
  • Investing up to £30 million in a new volunteering strategy, enabling more people to get the benefits of volunteering and attracting a new, more diverse range of volunteers
  • Helping sport keep pace with the digital expectations of customers
  • Working closely with National Governing Bodies of sport and others who support people who already play regularly, to help them become more efficient, sustainable and diversify their sources of funding.

Equally, they have released very top line information about the review of their investment programmes which, for 2016-2021, have been reduced in number to the following 7, with more detail expected over the coming months:

  • Tackling inactivity – to help the 28 per cent of people in England who don’t do any sport or physical activity
  • Children and young people – to work with children from the age of 5 to increase children’s basic competence and enjoyment
  • Volunteering – focusing on the motivations and needs of the volunteers so that volunteering in sport attracts more people from a wider range of backgrounds
  • Taking sport and activity into the mass market – focusing on the sports and activities that have mass appeal and can get large numbers of people active
  • Supporting sport’s core markets (including talented athletes) – supporting those who already have a strong affinity for sport in a more efficient and sustainable way
  • Local delivery – exploring new ways of working locally by investing in up to 10 specific areas to pilot new, more joined up approaches to getting people active
  • Creating welcoming sports facilities – with a new Community Asset Fund, and continuing its successful Strategic Facilities Fund, prioritising multi-sport facilities and, wherever possible, co-locating them with other local services.
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KS3 & KS4 North Derbyshire Indoor Rowing Chapmionships at the the new Queens Park Sports Centre, Chesterfield

FREE ONLINE COURSE Outstanding Physical Education Lessons

UNESCO have stressed the urgent need for schools to address physical inactivity, by improving young people’s experiences of physical education. Couple this with the regular external inspections that schools in many countries receive, and there are growing pressures on all PE teachers to reach the highest levels of performance.

This free online course is designed to help PE teachers achieve and sustain these levels. It defines an “outstanding” physical education lesson as one that meets the diverse learning needs of all of its students at a point in time and in a specific context.
Become an “activator” and deliver outstanding PE lessons
The course begins with a guided, expert analysis of students’ needs, local and national curriculum requirements, and teachers’ personal readiness to deliver outstanding PE lessons. Throughout, PE teachers will be positioned as “activators” – practitioners who activate new, inclusive learning possibilities for their students.

By the end of the course, you will:

  • understand the characteristics of an outstanding physical education lesson;
  • know and be able to engage with the process of being an activator of learning;
  • develop the capabilities to engage in self-directed continuous professional development (CPD) using a range of digital tools.

Join NOW Course starts 4th July

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Prmary Cross Country Year 5 Girls

Sugar Tax Features in the Queen’s Speech

On the 18th May, at the state opening of Parliament the Queen announced the Government’s legislation for the year ahead.
Featured within her speech is confirmation that the sugar tax levy will be included in the 2017 Finance Bill.

The money this will raise will be used to double the Primary PE & Sport Premium and to provide up to £285 million a year to give 25% of secondary schools increased opportunity to extend their school day to offer a wider range of activities for pupils, including more sport.

Click HERE to view the BBC article outlining a bill by bill summary (the sugar tax features as the final item at the bottom of the page).

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Nominations open graphic

Active Chesterfield Sports Awards NOW OPEN!

Nominations for school and community awards are now open!

It’s time to get your nominations in for the Active Chesterfield Sports Awards 2016. The grand awards ceremony is delivered by the Chesterfield School Sport Partnership and Chesterfield Borough Council and aims to recognise and reward Chesterfield’s sporting heroes.


The awards ceremony will take place at the Winding Wheel Theatre in Chesterfield on Thursday 29th September. Split into separate school and community categories, there are 26 awards to acclaim junior stars, school teams, volunteers, coaches, community clubs and much more.

 Active Chesterfield Sports Awards Criteria

Nominations are accepted online

The Chesterfield Sports Awards Nomination Form 2016 can also be sent by post to:

Mark Tournier, Partnership Development Manager, Chesterfield School Sport Partnership, Brookfield Community School, Chatsworth Road, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S40 3NS

Cathy Hinde, Marketing and Communications Officer, Sport and Leisure, Chesterfield Borough Council, Chesterfield Town Hall, Rose Hill, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S40 1LP


Last year’s Sportsman of the Year, Liam Pitchford, will be in contention again this year, following an impressive performance at the UK championships that saw him reach the semi-finals.


Collecting the award on his behalf last year, his father said: “Liam left for Germany aged 17. He’s given up a lot and you could say he’s missed out on some things but he’s achieved so much more. He’s put the effort in and still has things he wants to achieve.”


Last year we received a great many nominations for hundreds of deserving candidates. The past year has seen more sporting success for Chesterfield’s teams and schools, as well as dedication and hard work from coaches and volunteers. If you think this hard work needs to be recognised, send your nominations in before the closing date on Monday 1st August.

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World record Attemp

World Record Attempt Achieved

Hosted by the Proact stadium and backed by the British Heat Foundation, hundreds of School children from across Chesterfield smashed the World Record for the number of people taking part in a First Aid lesson.


The lesson was a combination of practical and video delivery to teach people valuable life saving skills. It included;

– D.R.S.A.B.C

– Recovery position

– Bleeding



Sarah Evans, Leadership and Physical Activity Officer said ‘This is a great way for everyone to learn the basics that one day will save someone’s life. All of the school children and public that are here today will now have the confidence to help someone in need’


Miss Lenthall, Teacher commented ‘A really well organised event that not only brought together a community but delivered life saving skills to us all. The children enjoyed the practical skills and say they feel more confident in helping someone who needs it. They also loved bring part of a record breaking attempt. The children were very proud of their medals and a huge roar erupted when they found out the record have been awarded to Chesterfield’


Watch the video

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Athletics Summer Camp at Tupton Hall

Not got anything planned this summer?

Chesterfield & District Athletics Club are hosting their annual Summer Camp on Monday 1st-Friday 5th August. Coaching in all running, jumping and throwing events will be delivered.

To book or for more information, please click here

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Active Travel Ambassador

Travel Smart Week

Derbyshire County Councils Travel Smart week is here and its easy to take part. All you need to do is actively travel to and from school everyday this week. How? Walking, Cycling or scooting.

There are many benefits to both you and the environment. These include;

– Reducing CO2 emissions

– Developing better road sense

– Contributes to your 60 minutes of physical activity a day

– Concentrate better at school for up to 4 hours

Lets take on the challenge, how many days can you actively travel to school?

Click here for more information

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Prmary Cross Country Year 5 Girls

What motivates young people to be active?

This animation below and guidance from Sports Coach UK and Sport England is the second in a series of learning for youth coaches in bite-sized pieces. It is the second in a series, the first of which, ‘What makes your sessions Unmissable for Young People?’ can be found here. The third, ‘How to Coach young people when life changes’, will be released at the end of April.

This animation shows how everyone has a different reason or motivation for taking part in sport – these reasons can change with time.

Coaches play an essential role in keeping young people engaged in sport if they:

– Find out why young people turn up to sessions

– Plan and deliver sessions to meet these reasons or motivations

– Recognise when motivations have been fulfilled.

Sports Coach UK and Sport England have been working together to support youth coaches in understanding and applying learning from the latest youth insight Under the Skin. As part of this, they asked young people why they take part in sport or activity. The most common reasons included:

– to meet new people

– to hang out with friends

– to get in shape

– to be healthy

– for fun and enjoyment

– to learn new skills.

The challenge for coaches, activators and leaders is to plan and deliver sessions to meet these reasons for taking part. Use the video to help you consider ‘What motivates young people to be active?’

Remember – all young people are different and will have different reasons for taking part, based on their different experiences, personality and lifestyle factors.

Download the accompanying guide ‘‘What motivates young people to be active?‘.

(Via Sports Coach UK)

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