ExpiredY7 Rugby 7’s

ExpiredY7 Rugby 7’s

There will be coaching input at the beginning of the event, followed by non-competitive matches.

Summary of rules;

  • Length of matches depends on time available/amount of entries
  • Pitch size: (60×43+5m for in goal areas)
  • Ball size: 4
  • Scrums: Closest 3 player (uncontested)
  • Lineouts; None (tap and pass from touchline)
  • Tackles: A tackle is defined as a tackle below the waist or a ‘grasp’ below the arm pits for 3 seconds. The ball carrier must be allowed to pass the ball: no competition form the defender.
  • Maul: None (if a player is held for 3 seconds, the referee shouts tackled, the ball carrier must then be allowed to make a pass).
  • Ruck: If a player goes to ground a 1v1 ruck can be performed and the ball passed away
  • Kicking: None (except kick off)
  • Handoffs: None
  • Restarts: After a score the team that has scored restarts with a drop kick at the centre line.

Points: 5 for a try (no conversions)

Mouthguards should be worn in rugby activities in accordance with the schools mouthguard policy for contact sports. In interschool matches the host school must inform the visiting school of its school policy on the wearing of gum shields and that this will be enforced for all participants in school matches.

  • 16th May 2019
    3:30 pm - 5:30 pm


Venue Phone: 01246 452 627

Venue Website:

Chesterfield Panthers RUFC, 2012 Dunston Road, Chesterfield, S41 9BF, United Kingdom