Change 4 Life Conference receives top marks

A massive total of 27 schools turned up to take part in the fun and exciting activities at the Change4Life Champions Conference. The event started with an introduction by John Barker, Partnership Development Manager of Bolsover and District School Sport Partnership, outlining the importance of being a champion and all the skills they would be developing throughout the day. John also expressed the importance of the message Change4Life was spreading across schools. Athlete Mentor, Ben Pipes went onto tell everyone about his journey in life and encouraged the children to move around and act out the sports he used to play. The children went onto play a couple of warm up games with Ben until he split them off into their separate groups.

The event was run over three workshops: Leading, Inclusive and Creative.

The leading workshop was ran by Clare and Craig from Bolsover and District School Sport Partnership. The main aim for this workshop was to help the champions understand how to plan and deliver their own C4L session. The champions started in their school groups and each group were given a card that explained what they had to deliver to each other. After 5 minutes thinking time, the champions delivered the sessions very well and could very easily go away and create and lead their own sessions at their schools. To finish the workshop, the champions went through an evaluation of how their session went and what they could improve to make the session even better.

India, from the Chesterfield School Sports Partnership, encouraged the children by adding: “Try and make the club as fun and positive as you can. Whilst remembering to deliver an active lifestyle message”.

Ben Pipes, alongside Sarah and James from the Chesterfield School Sport Partnership, ran the inclusive workshop. The workshop was all based around the STEP model; Space, Task, Equipment, People. The aim throughout the session was to get the champions thinking of ideas to adapt a game, taking into account the STEP model. For example, to change the space, one champion from North Wingfield Primary, said, “The space could be bigger by adding another few lines from the opposite badminton courts so we have more space to move around in”. The game ran very well and the champions came up with many ideas for each word of STEP. Liberty from Brockwell said, “We could use two balls so there would be two people on and two ball carriers. When someone gets tugged, they have to stand still and the only way they can be freed is by catching the ball from the ball carriers”.

Finley, from Old Hall Junior School was extremely excited about the event, exclaiming, “Line Tag got us the sweatiest and it was by far my favourite.”

When asked what advice would he give a parent/person to motivate a young individual to be active and eat well, Athlete Mentor Ben Pipes, said, “It is important to encourage them to try new things, everything is different to start with and working with new people can be tough but keep going! Food is fuel and fuelling with the right balance of all the different types of food makes us feel great.”

The creative workshop was a fun and exciting opportunity to let the champion’s ideas flow on paper. The main goal explained to the champions was the importance of creating a range of opportunities for sharing the Change4Life message across school.

The champions took part in a thinking task where they had to think of different times during the school day where they could share Change4Life messages across school. Following on from this, the champions had to think where specifically they could spread the message across school, such as entrance hall, playground and corridors.

The champions got given a set of ‘Champion Message Method cards’ as well as an A3 ‘Times and places’ grid. Each group had to discuss where the best place was to put the Message Method cards on the grid. The purpose of this task was to give the champions an opportunity to pick where they think was the best time to share messages.

Whilst the champions were busy having a great time with all the workshops, the teachers embarked on a mentoring session led by John from Bolsover and District School Sport Partnership. The aim of the session was to show the teachers how to run a Change4Life Sports Club as well as which children to target. After the mentoring session, Ben, from Poolsbrook Primary School, was asked what he had learnt from the mentoring session and if he thought it was important that the teachers be informed about Change4Life as well as the children. “The thing I learnt most was the different ways to target children and yes, teachers should be informed as well because if not some teachers may not know what to do”.

Overall, the day was a great success and from the comments received after the event, it was clear the message had been passed on correctly. All the champions couldn’t wait to get back to school to set up their own Change4Life Sports club for the rest of their school.

We would like to thank everyone who took part and participated in our Change4Life conference. A special thanks to Ben Pipes and our workshop deliverers who did a great job at getting the C4L message across.



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Inspiring conference for our Bronze Young Ambassadors

Schools from across Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire began their journey into Sports Leadership at our Bronze Young Ambassador Conference.

The 176 students descended on the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield for the all-day conference which is designed to prepare them for the leadership programmes ahead.

Coming from 20 schools in Chesterfield and 22 in North East Derbyshire, the children have taken the first step into sports leadership by forming School Sport Organising Crews within their school group. The Crews will now go back to their schools and plan an intra-school competition and club that can maximise engagement and inspire the whole school to get involved.

This involves meeting with the Head teacher to discuss potential ideas that can be delivered, deciding on a sport or multiple sports, then running an intra-school competition as well as an extra-curricular club. The Crews will need to demonstrate how they have been inclusive in organising the events and maximised the potential number of participants. They will also need to publicise, promote and celebrate their success. This will involve writing reports and taking photographs that can be used on the school website as well as notice boards.

The day began with an introduction from Chesterfield Gold Young Ambassador Emily and North East Platinum Young Ambassador Emily. An inspiring speech from former Team GB Volleyball captain, Ben Pipes. Back in a venue in which he used to train, Pipes used his personal experiences to motivate the children and get them enthused about the day of games and leadership activities.

Once everyone was geared up for the day ahead, the crews took part in three role-playing activities, designed to give them ideas of sports clubs they can run in their schools. These included Boccia, Dodgeball and Volleyball.

Sam from Walton Holymoorside said “I really enjoyed doing the workshop with Ben! It was really noisy but so much fun learning the different games.”

Prior to the conference the Crews decided on individual roles, which include: a Head Mini Leader, a Spirit of the Games Head Mini Leader, a Media Leader and a Photography Leader.

Each Crew member then went on a tailor-made workshop to equip them with the skills needed to fulfil their role. Spirit of the Games Leaders learned about what the Spirit of the Games is all about as well as taking part in Orienteering and Triathlon. The Head Mini Leaders discovered what New Age Kurling involved before having a few games themselves.

The Media and Photography Leaders took part in a practical workshop before teaming up to stage a mock press conference with Pipes, asking open questions and taking interesting and useful photos.

Lucy, of Brockwell Junior School, said “It was quite fun asking him questions. It felt like a real interview with all the cameras flashing.”

Rounding off a fun-packed day the students jotted down notes and next steps as the planning process begins.

Mr Melleney, of Hollingwood Primary School, said: “The kids have really enjoyed it today and they’re already busy planning the events they’re going to run.”

Before heading home, there was one last surprise in store for the young leaders. As they all piled onto the indoor running track at the EIS, each leader took the 250m run towards the finishing line for an incredible finish of the day.

Jack, from Highfield Hall, said “The finishing run was definitely my favourite part! It was so much fun and I actually ran on the same track as Jessica Ennis!”

Sarah Evans, Chesterfield School Sports Partnership, said “It was great to see so many young people taking on the role of Bronze Young Ambassador, planning to inspire other young people in their school. “

As with every Bronze Young Ambassador Conference, it was great to see the young leaders fully embrace the day and leave motivated to lead their own sports clubs and competitions. They could not have done this without the help of their teachers, those running the workshops and the current Gold and Platinum Young Ambassadors who did a fantastic job.

Check out the images from the days event.

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Level 2 in Dance Leadership

Book yourself onto our 2017 Level 2 in Dance Leadership!


The qualification has been designed to develop generic leadership skills that can be applied to a variety of dance situations as well as contributing to the personal development of the learner. This is a practical qualification where learners must demonstrate their ability to lead simple dance activities.

  • Age: 13 and over
  • Guided learning hours: 39 hours (including 10 hours demonstration of leadership)

Date: Commencing Tuesday 21st February 2017 (held every Tuesday)

Time: 3:30-5:30pm

Venue: Springwell Community College, Staveley, Chesterfield S43 3NG

Price: £30 per person


Includes a FREE Tshirt!!


Click on the following link to apply.

Application form 2016.17

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Athletics Assistant Official Course

Book yourselves onto our 2017 Athletics Track and Field: Assistant Official Course!


What will I learn?

• The responsibilities and roles of an Assistant Official, including following procedures and applying basic rules.
• Ensuring safety, reporting concerns and communicating with athletes and other officials.
• Measuring and recording times and distances as well as making, sharing and recording judgements.

Available for ages 14+ years

Date: Monday 13th February 2017

Time: 9:30am – 2:00pm

Venue: Tupton Hall School, Station New Road, Chesterfield, S42 6LG

Cost: £20 membership (attend additional National Governing Body leadership courses for FREE)

Get a FREE t-shirt!!!

 Click on the following link to book on!

Application form 2016.17

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INTO Officiating Award Netball

Book yourselves onto our 2017 Netball INTO Officiating Course!


Key Course Objectives

• Introduce the principles of umpiring and the rules of netball
• Introduce officiating to young people, to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the role that the official plays in netball and sport as a whole
• Offer opportunities for students to umpire matches within their own school or other appropriate environments


Date: Friday 17/02/2017

Time: 9:00am – 3:00pm

Venue: Brookfield Community School, Chatsworth Road, Chesterfield, S40 3NS

Cost: £20 membership (attend additional National Governing Body leadership courses for FREE)

Get a FREE t-shirt!!!

 Click on the following link to book on!

Application form 2016.17


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Lets Go Ride A Bike

Wheels for All are running a project funded by Derbyshire Sport called ‘Lets Go Ride a Bike’. There will be a workshop in early March for volunteers to help run sessions in the Queen’s Park (also at Parsley Hay, Carsington, Rosliston & Derby). They also have funding to provide 1:1 sessions in the Queen’s Park with up to 3 hours per trainee (3 x 1 hour sessions) for children aged 11 – 17.


Please take a look at the flyer attached and should you have any questions please get in touch. Please note that all training within the project is free of charge.




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Celebrating 2,000,000 children Bikeability trained

In a letter from Department for Transport Minister, Andrew Jones MP, it was announced that 2 million young people have been trained through Bikeability – a programme designed to give young people the skills and confidence to ride, especially on roads.

With funding from the Department for Transport, the programme is being delivered through support from the Youth Sport Trust and a range of partners, including School Games Organiser host schools, local authorities and freelance instructors.

In a letter from Department for Transport Minister, Andrew Jones MP, said: “Bikeability is proven to increase the road safety awareness of children taking part and over half of the children cycle more after doing Bikeability.”

Earlier this year, the Government announced £40million investment in to cycle training for young people – to allow over a million more children the opportunity to receive free cycle training over the next four years.

Mark Tournier, Partnership Development Manager at Chesterfield School Sport Partnership said: “We are proud to be part of an incredible and successful programme, that develops so many skills beyond cycling.  We are delighted to manage the bikeability programme across Chesterfield and with our delivery partner Wheely Fun Wheels we have set an ambition to train 10000 young people 2016-2020.”

Supporting the culture, ethos and environment of a healthy school, Bikeability can contribute to: attainment, personal, health, social and economic education (PHSE), citizenship and British values, emotional health and wellbeing, school sport and physical activity, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development (SMSC) as well as cross-curricular opportunities. The programme also aims to sustain participation in cycling activity in England.

To find out What can Bikeability do for your school link

Letter from Department for Transport link

There are three core levels of Bikeability training in addition to a number of additional Bikeability plus modules. Have a look at the fantastic films below showcasing Bikeability:

– Completing Level 1, you will be able to demonstrate the skills and understanding to be able to make a trip and undertake activities safely in a motor traffic free environment. Watch this video to find out more about the Level 1 Journey.


– Completing Level 2, you will be able to demonstrate the skills and understanding to be able to make a trip safely to school, work or leisure on quiet roads. Watch this video to find out more about the  Level 2 Journey.


– Completing Level 3, you will be able to demonstrate the skills and understanding to be able to make a trip safely to school, work or leisure on busy roads and using complex junctions and road features. Watch this video to find about more about the Level 3 Journey


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Volunteering in an Active Nation

Volunteering in an Active Nation is Sport England’s first ever volunteering strategy which aims to encourage people from all backgrounds to enjoy the benefits of volunteering.

The new strategy, and associated funding opportunities, puts the experience of the volunteer and a drive to increase diversity at the heart of efforts to support volunteers. The strategy aims to increase the number of disabled people, women, black, Asian, minority ethnic and young people aged 10-20 involved in volunteering.

Volunteers who give their time to community sport and physical activity enjoy many of the benefits associated with actually participating in sport and physical activity. Giving your time can reduce stress, build confidence and improve skills. In some cases their experience fulfils all the Government’s outcomes for sport: physical and mental wellbeing, individual development, social and community development and economic development.

From 2017 to 2021 Sport England will work with community organisations, sports clubs, local authorities and volunteer groups to:

  • invest in improving the volunteer experience
  • make volunteering more enjoyable and meaningful
  • inspire and recruit people from more diverse backgrounds
  • work with new partners as well as existing ones to reach a more diverse audience.

From 2021 to 2025 the focus will expand to involve a larger proportion of the population in engaging and helping out in sport and physical activity. To support these aims in January Sport England is launching two new funding streams:

  • Opportunity Fund – £3 million for projects that create volunteering opportunities for black, Asian and minority ethnic people, women and disabled people, reaching into communities where there is higher unemployment and crime, lower education and poorer health. At least 50% will be awarded to projects run by partners who are new to Sport England or even new to sport and physical activity.
  • Potentials Fund – support for volunteering opportunities for young people. Sport England will work with the #iwillcampaign, investing up to £3m in projects which benefit 10 to 20-year-olds and their communities.

DOWNLOAD: Volunteering in an Active Nation

More information:

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Key Steps Gym comes to Netherthorpe

Over 60 Key Stage 1 pupils from Norbriggs Primary, Speedwell Infant, Hollingwood Primary and Poolsbrook Primary school made their way to Netherthorpe School for this event.

The sports hall was packed with excited children as they took part in 11 different activities, all aimed at introducing them to basic movement and gymnastics techniques. The activities included jumping from springboards, balance beams and floor mat exercises.

The event was well received by both the teachers and pupils. Ben Roberts said: “The kids all loved it. It was really well organised.”

The packed event was allowed to run smoothly by the excellent work of our Young Leaders from Netherthorpe School. Many of them on the partnership’s Sports Leaders UK course, they were eager to instruct and help the young children through the different stations, whilst always making them fun and active.

One leader from Netherthorpe said that her favourite thing about this event was, “Watching them all having fun and engaging in the activities!”

There are more Key Steps Gym events scheduled for the next few weeks and already well over 100 pupils have been signed up for the jam-packed fun afternoon!

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Recommendations to improve PE in schools

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for a Fit and Healthy Childhood has created a report, making several recommendations for the Government to reflect the work required to ensure that the vital importance of Physical Education (PE) is realised.

The report states that for far too long, PE has been regarded as the ‘Cinderella subject’ of the curriculum and is often diluted by education and policy systems. Key recommendations in the report centre around improving training for teachers, recognising and sharing good practice, curriculum development and an emphasis on the importance of physical activity from birth.

Key recommendations

  • Identify national and international examples of best practice to inform the national curriculum content and to produce a ‘National Directory of What Works in PE’.
  • Align the PE curricula between the four home nations and ensure the role of PE is recognised and developed within the health and wellbeing context of the curriculum.
  • Incorporate opportunities for training to enhance workforce skills by its inclusion in initial teacher training, CPD opportunities and improved placements for post graduate students.
  • Recommendations for the early years include new quality guidelines and Ofsted inspection requirements for physical development and physical activity, training opportunities for the early years workforce and a designated physical development/physical activity co-ordinator in every setting.

DOWNLOAD: The All-Party Parliamentary Group on a Fit and Healthy Childhood: Physical Education

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