Our Healthy Year – new Change4Life initiative

Public Health England has published a new Change4Life initiative, Our Healthy Year. The initiative is designed to encourage schools to build healthy habits in children during the school years in which they are weighed and measured as part of the National Child Measurement Programme.

Our Healthy Year aims to help schools to run a year of fun, healthy curriculum-linked activity and, in doing so, support parents who are looking for ideas to help live healthier lives.

More than 16,000 primary schools across England will receive the Change4Life Our Healthy Year Reception and Year 6 teaching toolkits this term. The toolkits will include curriculum-linked activity ideas, a classroom poster, stickers and inspiration for whole-school activities. Supporting resources will be available to download from the Change4Life School Zone online, including take-home activities for children and parents, as well as resources for school nurses.

There are a range of curriculum-linked resources for teachers to choose from, including healthy phonics activity cards to help Reception pupils learn about different types of fruits while grasping initial sounds, letters and blends. There are also plenty of Our Healthy Year challenges to inspire pupils and parents to continue healthy activity at home.

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Consultation on future uses of the old Queen’s Park Sports Centre site in Chesterfield


Consultation on future use of old sports centre site

A six-week consultation is being held by Chesterfield Borough Council to get the public’s views on the future use of the old Queen’s Park Sport Centre site.

Councillors recently granted planning permission to demolish the old building, in Boythorpe Road, which closed when the new £11.25 million Queen’s Park Sports Centre opened in January.

A range of different possible future uses for the site have been considered and tested against four criteria. From these, the council’s preferred option is to have 3G all-weather multi-sport pitches on the site with a surface that can be used for football, hockey, rugby and athletics training and recreational use.

Chesterfield Borough Council is asking residents and businesses for their views on the preferred option – but also seeking alternative suggestions that meet the criteria the council is using to decide what the future use of the site should be.

Councillor Amanda Serjeant, cabinet member for town centre and visitor economy, said: “The former sports centre sits next to the grade two star listed Queen’s Park so it is important that what goes there is in keeping with that heritage site and the strict planning rules that come with it.

“In an era of council budget cuts whatever goes on the site also needs to generate an income rather than cost tax payers more money.”

The borough currently has fewer 3G all-weather sports pitches than is recommended for a population of its size and the use would be in keeping with the sport and leisure heritage of the site.

Councillor Serjeant added: “While this is our preferred option at this stage no decisions have been taken. So as well as getting views on that option we also want to hear from anyone who has other great ideas and can show us how they would meet the criteria we are working to.”

The consultation runs from today (Monday 12 September) to Friday 21 October and can be found online, along with further information and a map of the site, at

Paper copies are also available from the new Queen’s Park Sports Centre in Boythorpe Road; the Healthy Living Centre in Barlow Road, Staveley; and our customer service centre in New Square.

Drop-in consultation sessions will also be held on:

  • Monday 26 September in Morrisons, Chatsworth Road from 10am to 7pm
  • Thursday 6 October at Chesterfield Market Place from 10am to 3pm

There will also be a session held at Chesterfield College freshers’ fair to get the views of students.

All options have been tested against four principles that the site use should:

  • Generate income and not cost council taxpayers any extra money
  • Support Council Plan objectives to improve the quality of life for local people, support a thriving borough, and deliver value for money
  • Complement Queen’s Park, with its grade two star heritage listing, and other facilities in the town centre and borough
  • Be well-used throughout the year and provide added value for the community

The council has considered various options against these criteria and has provisionally ruled them out for the following reasons:

  • Indoor leisure provision eg ice rink/roller skating/soft play – operators of these facilities usually want ‘shed’ buildings and they would not be appropriate from a planning perspective. The council also doesn’t believe these uses would be financially viable without the council subsidising running costs.
  • Cultural use eg for exhibitions, artist studios, events – this use could complement the park but usually requires significant subsidies to operate.
  • Outdoor leisure provision eg high ropes, climbing, water features – while this type of use would add to the facilities offered at Queen’s Park, it is not felt financially viable without the council subsidising running costs.
  • To add an extension to the existing park – this would add to the cost of maintaining and improving the park and put pressure on already tight budgets.
  • Shopping – given planning policies this is not felt a suitable location.
  • Housing – while there is a need to increase town centre housing the council does not feel this is an appropriate use for the site.
  • Car parking – as there are car parks either side of the site, and spare capacity in other car parks, there is not felt to be demand for more in this location.
  • Restaurant/pub use – the council does not feel this use would complement the park and there are other locations that would be more appropriate
  • Selling the land – the council would have would have far less control on ensuring the use is appropriate to the park’s heritage setting.

Although these options have been provisional ruled out the council is happy to hear alterative views from individuals, businesses or sports groups who can show how they would be viable.

A decision on a future use is expected to be made by early 2017, once the consultation responses have been analysed and considered.


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Around 1,800 primary school children will join forces in Chesterfield this week to kick off this year’s INEOS GO Run For Fun™ event.

Children from primary schools around Chesterfield will take part in the run at Mount St Mary’s College on Tuesday 20th September with support from students and teachers at the high school and the GO Run For Fun mascot, Dart.

Having encouraged more than 160,000 children to get running through over 250 events so far, the GO Run For Fun campaign is already the biggest children’s running initiative in the world. By the end of this year it aims to encourage many more kids to get off the couch, give the TV a rest and get active.

Mark Tournier, Chesterfield Partnership Development Manager, said: “We’re delighted to welcome the GO Run For Fun campaign to Chesterfield and welcome schools from across the Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire School Sport Partnerships. The event is a fantastic opportunity to inspire young people to enjoy physical activity with their friends, promoting a healthy active lifestyle and hopefully encouraging them to take up running.”

Last week, GO Run For Fun celebrated as they had their first ever event in Norway with 630 runners joining together in Stathelle.

The GO Run For Fun campaign is the idea of Jim Ratcliffe, owner of INEOS, one of the UK’s largest manufacturing companies, which announced a £1.5m donation spread over three years to encourage children to run for fun via the GO Run For Fun charitable foundation.

He explained: “I’m passionate about getting as many children running early in their lives. The idea is simple – to get children out of the house having fun. It is not rocket science.  Running is the basis of so many great sports. If our children can catch the running bug early, they’re more likely to stick to it, and this can only lead to them having more active and healthier lifestyles in the future.”

GO Run For Fun will continue to tour the UK throughout 2016 with other events planned.  For more information and to enter your child for INEOS GO Run For Fun events happening near you, or to register your local club or school’s interest in joining our campaign, please visit:

You can also visit the GO Run For Fun Facebook page, or find them on Twitter @_GRFF  and @chesterfieldssp.

Photo: Chesterfield SSP

GRFF 2015

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World Record Attempt Achieved

Hosted by the Proact stadium and backed by the British Heat Foundation, hundreds of School children from across Chesterfield smashed the World Record for the number of people taking part in a First Aid lesson.


The lesson was a combination of practical and video delivery to teach people valuable life saving skills. It included;

– D.R.S.A.B.C

– Recovery position

– Bleeding



Sarah Evans, Leadership and Physical Activity Officer said ‘This is a great way for everyone to learn the basics that one day will save someone’s life. All of the school children and public that are here today will now have the confidence to help someone in need’


Miss Lenthall, Teacher commented ‘A really well organised event that not only brought together a community but delivered life saving skills to us all. The children enjoyed the practical skills and say they feel more confident in helping someone who needs it. They also loved bring part of a record breaking attempt. The children were very proud of their medals and a huge roar erupted when they found out the record have been awarded to Chesterfield’


Watch the video

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What motivates young people to be active?

This animation below and guidance from Sports Coach UK and Sport England is the second in a series of learning for youth coaches in bite-sized pieces. It is the second in a series, the first of which, ‘What makes your sessions Unmissable for Young People?’ can be found here. The third, ‘How to Coach young people when life changes’, will be released at the end of April.

This animation shows how everyone has a different reason or motivation for taking part in sport – these reasons can change with time.

Coaches play an essential role in keeping young people engaged in sport if they:

– Find out why young people turn up to sessions

– Plan and deliver sessions to meet these reasons or motivations

– Recognise when motivations have been fulfilled.

Sports Coach UK and Sport England have been working together to support youth coaches in understanding and applying learning from the latest youth insight Under the Skin. As part of this, they asked young people why they take part in sport or activity. The most common reasons included:

– to meet new people

– to hang out with friends

– to get in shape

– to be healthy

– for fun and enjoyment

– to learn new skills.

The challenge for coaches, activators and leaders is to plan and deliver sessions to meet these reasons for taking part. Use the video to help you consider ‘What motivates young people to be active?’

Remember – all young people are different and will have different reasons for taking part, based on their different experiences, personality and lifestyle factors.

Download the accompanying guide ‘‘What motivates young people to be active?‘.

(Via Sports Coach UK)

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Public Health England introduce new Eatwell Guide

Public Health England (PHE) regularly reviews dietary recommendations as part of its role in promoting public health. In light of new evidence about our diet and health, particularly revised recommendations on sugars and fibre, a review of The Eatwell Plate was undertaken. As a result of the review, a new healthy eating guide for the UK has been developed – The Eatwell Guide.  Continue reading

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Top women’s cyclists coming to Chesterfield

Derbyshire will welcome the Aviva Women’s Tour for the first time this June, as the world’s top racers head to the county for Stage Three on Friday 17 June 2016.

Building on the success of hosting the Tour of Britain last September, the Aviva Women’s Tour will race from Ashbourne to Chesterfield. It is being billed as the toughest stage of the race.  Continue reading

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