Change 4 Life Conference receives top marks

A massive total of 27 schools turned up to take part in the fun and exciting activities at the Change4Life Champions Conference. The event started with an introduction by John Barker, Partnership Development Manager of Bolsover and District School Sport Partnership, outlining the importance of being a champion and all the skills they would be developing throughout the day. John also expressed the importance of the message Change4Life was spreading across schools. Athlete Mentor, Ben Pipes went onto tell everyone about his journey in life and encouraged the children to move around and act out the sports he used to play. The children went onto play a couple of warm up games with Ben until he split them off into their separate groups.

The event was run over three workshops: Leading, Inclusive and Creative.

The leading workshop was ran by Clare and Craig from Bolsover and District School Sport Partnership. The main aim for this workshop was to help the champions understand how to plan and deliver their own C4L session. The champions started in their school groups and each group were given a card that explained what they had to deliver to each other. After 5 minutes thinking time, the champions delivered the sessions very well and could very easily go away and create and lead their own sessions at their schools. To finish the workshop, the champions went through an evaluation of how their session went and what they could improve to make the session even better.

India, from the Chesterfield School Sports Partnership, encouraged the children by adding: “Try and make the club as fun and positive as you can. Whilst remembering to deliver an active lifestyle message”.

Ben Pipes, alongside Sarah and James from the Chesterfield School Sport Partnership, ran the inclusive workshop. The workshop was all based around the STEP model; Space, Task, Equipment, People. The aim throughout the session was to get the champions thinking of ideas to adapt a game, taking into account the STEP model. For example, to change the space, one champion from North Wingfield Primary, said, “The space could be bigger by adding another few lines from the opposite badminton courts so we have more space to move around in”. The game ran very well and the champions came up with many ideas for each word of STEP. Liberty from Brockwell said, “We could use two balls so there would be two people on and two ball carriers. When someone gets tugged, they have to stand still and the only way they can be freed is by catching the ball from the ball carriers”.

Finley, from Old Hall Junior School was extremely excited about the event, exclaiming, “Line Tag got us the sweatiest and it was by far my favourite.”

When asked what advice would he give a parent/person to motivate a young individual to be active and eat well, Athlete Mentor Ben Pipes, said, “It is important to encourage them to try new things, everything is different to start with and working with new people can be tough but keep going! Food is fuel and fuelling with the right balance of all the different types of food makes us feel great.”

The creative workshop was a fun and exciting opportunity to let the champion’s ideas flow on paper. The main goal explained to the champions was the importance of creating a range of opportunities for sharing the Change4Life message across school.

The champions took part in a thinking task where they had to think of different times during the school day where they could share Change4Life messages across school. Following on from this, the champions had to think where specifically they could spread the message across school, such as entrance hall, playground and corridors.

The champions got given a set of ‘Champion Message Method cards’ as well as an A3 ‘Times and places’ grid. Each group had to discuss where the best place was to put the Message Method cards on the grid. The purpose of this task was to give the champions an opportunity to pick where they think was the best time to share messages.

Whilst the champions were busy having a great time with all the workshops, the teachers embarked on a mentoring session led by John from Bolsover and District School Sport Partnership. The aim of the session was to show the teachers how to run a Change4Life Sports Club as well as which children to target. After the mentoring session, Ben, from Poolsbrook Primary School, was asked what he had learnt from the mentoring session and if he thought it was important that the teachers be informed about Change4Life as well as the children. “The thing I learnt most was the different ways to target children and yes, teachers should be informed as well because if not some teachers may not know what to do”.

Overall, the day was a great success and from the comments received after the event, it was clear the message had been passed on correctly. All the champions couldn’t wait to get back to school to set up their own Change4Life Sports club for the rest of their school.

We would like to thank everyone who took part and participated in our Change4Life conference. A special thanks to Ben Pipes and our workshop deliverers who did a great job at getting the C4L message across.



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Indoor Rowing Champs take gold for a third year

Springwell Community College made it three in a row retaining the North Derbyshire Key Stage 3 & 4 Indoor Rowing champions crown, following some consistent performances over the competition. In the Indoor Rowing plus event, a well-deserved victory to Shirebrook ahead of Ashgate Croft.

We teamed up with Bolsover and North East Derbyshire School Sport Partnerships to run our Indoor Rowing and Indoor Rowing Plus competitions at Queen’s Park Sports Centre in Chesterfield. The event was supported by British Rowing and the excellent Sports Leaders from Chesterfield College.

The action-packed event kicked off with the Indoor Rowing Plus Team Relay event, an event targeting students with additional needs, from across the three areas competed. A fantastic effort by all teams, however, on the day it was Shirebrook who came out on top followed very closely by Ashgate Croft. Ashgate Croft were crowned Chesterfield champions and will go on to the county final.

In the first of the key stage 3 team races, all four team members, in both the boys and girls, rowed for 30 second bursts with 16 changeovers. A fast paced relay challenge with perfectly timed changeovers and great team order of the day. Springwell won both, the Boys and Girls relay events and were well placed in the team event before the final combined mixed relay challenge.

The key stage 4 events produced a very close contest in the boys and girls 30 sec relay challenge. Although Springwell finished top of Chesterfield, Tupton Hall were ahead after finishing first after the girl’s relay.

The Individual Girls Plus race was next with St Marys taking the Gold and Silver, with Eckington following closely to take the Bronze. Our final Plus race was for the Boys event, and with 2 heats, it was always going to be a close race. However, it was Shirebrook who took the Gold medal with Tupton Hall taking Silver and Ashgate Croft taking Bronze. A fantastic demonstration of determination and spirit as floods of encouragement came from spectators.

Down to the final relay challenges for the team event. The mixed relay, with every team member having to put it on the line in a testing 90 second row, a real test for everyone involved. Springwell got off to a perfect start in both the key stage 3 and 4 races and set the pace throughout the relay races. The teams worked hard, with incredible focus and determination, executing well practised changeovers. In the end, Springwell held off a strong performance from Dronfield to win the mixed relays.

Before the results were announced, we moved into the final individual races. Individual rivalries between the schools from Chesterfield, Bolsover and North East Derbyshire began to emerge as we moved onto Individual races, with rowers and spectators supporting and racing in the best spirit.

Individual results;

Key Stage 3 Boys –

1ST – Isaac- St Marys

2nd – Corran – Netherthorpe

3rd – Jamie – Springwell


Key Stage 3 Girls –

1st – Angelina – Springwell

2nd – Surrane – Shirebrook

3rd – Netherthorpe


Key Stage 4 Boys –


1st – Jake – Hasland Hall

2nd – Tommy – Springwell

3rd – Daniel – Netherthorpe


Key Stage 4 Girls –


1st – Neve – Tupton Hall

2nd – Tilly – Eckington

3rd – Hannah – Tupton Hall



Springwell rowed an impressive 7556m over the three relay races in key stage 3 and 8039m in the key stage 4 events, with a combined total of 15595m! For the third year Springwell Community College were crowned Chesterfield and North Derbyshire Champions.

Full results can be found on our results page using the link below:


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Inspiring conference for our Bronze Young Ambassadors

Schools from across Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire began their journey into Sports Leadership at our Bronze Young Ambassador Conference.

The 176 students descended on the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield for the all-day conference which is designed to prepare them for the leadership programmes ahead.

Coming from 20 schools in Chesterfield and 22 in North East Derbyshire, the children have taken the first step into sports leadership by forming School Sport Organising Crews within their school group. The Crews will now go back to their schools and plan an intra-school competition and club that can maximise engagement and inspire the whole school to get involved.

This involves meeting with the Head teacher to discuss potential ideas that can be delivered, deciding on a sport or multiple sports, then running an intra-school competition as well as an extra-curricular club. The Crews will need to demonstrate how they have been inclusive in organising the events and maximised the potential number of participants. They will also need to publicise, promote and celebrate their success. This will involve writing reports and taking photographs that can be used on the school website as well as notice boards.

The day began with an introduction from Chesterfield Gold Young Ambassador Emily and North East Platinum Young Ambassador Emily. An inspiring speech from former Team GB Volleyball captain, Ben Pipes. Back in a venue in which he used to train, Pipes used his personal experiences to motivate the children and get them enthused about the day of games and leadership activities.

Once everyone was geared up for the day ahead, the crews took part in three role-playing activities, designed to give them ideas of sports clubs they can run in their schools. These included Boccia, Dodgeball and Volleyball.

Sam from Walton Holymoorside said “I really enjoyed doing the workshop with Ben! It was really noisy but so much fun learning the different games.”

Prior to the conference the Crews decided on individual roles, which include: a Head Mini Leader, a Spirit of the Games Head Mini Leader, a Media Leader and a Photography Leader.

Each Crew member then went on a tailor-made workshop to equip them with the skills needed to fulfil their role. Spirit of the Games Leaders learned about what the Spirit of the Games is all about as well as taking part in Orienteering and Triathlon. The Head Mini Leaders discovered what New Age Kurling involved before having a few games themselves.

The Media and Photography Leaders took part in a practical workshop before teaming up to stage a mock press conference with Pipes, asking open questions and taking interesting and useful photos.

Lucy, of Brockwell Junior School, said “It was quite fun asking him questions. It felt like a real interview with all the cameras flashing.”

Rounding off a fun-packed day the students jotted down notes and next steps as the planning process begins.

Mr Melleney, of Hollingwood Primary School, said: “The kids have really enjoyed it today and they’re already busy planning the events they’re going to run.”

Before heading home, there was one last surprise in store for the young leaders. As they all piled onto the indoor running track at the EIS, each leader took the 250m run towards the finishing line for an incredible finish of the day.

Jack, from Highfield Hall, said “The finishing run was definitely my favourite part! It was so much fun and I actually ran on the same track as Jessica Ennis!”

Sarah Evans, Chesterfield School Sports Partnership, said “It was great to see so many young people taking on the role of Bronze Young Ambassador, planning to inspire other young people in their school. “

As with every Bronze Young Ambassador Conference, it was great to see the young leaders fully embrace the day and leave motivated to lead their own sports clubs and competitions. They could not have done this without the help of their teachers, those running the workshops and the current Gold and Platinum Young Ambassadors who did a fantastic job.

Check out the images from the days event.

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Level 2 in Dance Leadership

Book yourself onto our 2017 Level 2 in Dance Leadership!


The qualification has been designed to develop generic leadership skills that can be applied to a variety of dance situations as well as contributing to the personal development of the learner. This is a practical qualification where learners must demonstrate their ability to lead simple dance activities.

  • Age: 13 and over
  • Guided learning hours: 39 hours (including 10 hours demonstration of leadership)

Date: Commencing Tuesday 21st February 2017 (held every Tuesday)

Time: 3:30-5:30pm

Venue: Springwell Community College, Staveley, Chesterfield S43 3NG

Price: £30 per person


Includes a FREE Tshirt!!


Click on the following link to apply.

Application form 2016.17

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INTO Officiating Award Netball

Book yourselves onto our 2017 Netball INTO Officiating Course!


Key Course Objectives

• Introduce the principles of umpiring and the rules of netball
• Introduce officiating to young people, to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the role that the official plays in netball and sport as a whole
• Offer opportunities for students to umpire matches within their own school or other appropriate environments


Date: Friday 17/02/2017

Time: 9:00am – 3:00pm

Venue: Brookfield Community School, Chatsworth Road, Chesterfield, S40 3NS

Cost: £20 membership (attend additional National Governing Body leadership courses for FREE)

Get a FREE t-shirt!!!

 Click on the following link to book on!

Application form 2016.17


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Chesterfield School Sport Partnership delivered the Chesterfield Badminton Finals, on 26th January 2017

Queens Park Sport Centre hosted the Chesterfield Badminton finals in a thrilling event featuring 16 teams.
After 8 qualifying rounds with a total of 42 teams, our finalists represented the following schools; Brookfield Community School, Outwood Academy Newbold, Hasland Hall Community School, Springwell Community College, Whittington Green School and Netherthorpe School.
Teams of 4 played 5 games in each match, featuring 2 singles and 3 doubles games. The whole event was played in great spirit.

Brookfield Community School’s girls came out on top in today’s Key Stage 3 district Badminton Finals, losing only 2 games, closely followed by runners up Hasland Hall Community School.

It was Outwood Academy Newbold who claimed the title in the Key Stage 3 finals, undefeated winning 3 from 3 with Hasland Hall Community School runners up.

Winner a second final for the evening, this time the Key Stage 4 boys final, Brookfield Community School were undefeated without losing a single game. Netherthorpe were runners up.

Undefeated and dropping just a single game, Hasland Hall Community School came out on top in the Key Stage 4 girls final. Brookfield finished off a fantastic evening as runners up.

Brokkfield Community School, award winning coach, Mr Andy Petty, said: “Really enjoyed a well organised final. The highlight was the extremely high standard on display in the Key Stage 4 girls final and the fantastic spirit all the players displayed”.
Spingwell team captain Josh, said: “Well run, enjoyable and competitive tournament. I’m pleased with how the team have played, the standard was high”.

We would like to congratulate all the teams who took part. All four winning teams will go on to represent Chesterfield at the County Finals. We wish them all the best.

Winning team images via the link below;
Badminton Finals 2017

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Is your school food smart?

Do your pupils know what’s in their food?

Give your pupils a healthy start to 2017 with the new Be Food Smart resources from Change4Life. Pupils will find out how much sugar, saturated fat and salt is in their food and drink and how they can make healthier choices through films and curriculum-linked English and Maths activities. The printed teaching packs are being delivered with the School Fruit and Veg Scheme now. You can also find the contents of the printed pack, along with supporting resources, including an Assembly presentation, films, KS1 and KS2 activities, a parent pack and a campaign guide for pupils on the School Zone.

Download Resources here!


How to get started!

  • Display the be food smart posters in your school.
  • Send home the parent packs.
  • Take a look at the Key Stage 1 and/or Key Stage 2 teacher guide to help you run English and Maths Be Food Smart lessons.
  • Run a 10-20 minute Be Food Smart assembly using the PowerPoint presentation.
  • Run a pupil-led Be Food Smart campaign.
  • Get started with the Our Campaign – teacher guide.
  • Watch these fun Be Food Smart films to help pupils find out what’s in their food.


Download the new Be Food Smart app!

To help bring your lessons to life download the free Change4Life Be Food Smart app today from the App Store or Google Play. The app enables you to scan everyday food and drink to reveal how much sugar, saturated fat and salt is in them. Use the app to accompany the Key Stage 1 and 2 lesson activities in which pupils will discover the sugar content of everyday products and how to make healthier food swaps.

Be Food Smart App


Watch the new Be Food Smart films!

What’s in our breakfast? And how can we find out? Watch two young reporters investigate how much sugar is in our breakfast and how we can make it healthier. The films will help your pupils to see how everyday food can contain surprisingly high amounts of sugar, saturated fat and salt, meaning most of us are eating more than we realise. You’ll also get to see how the Be Food Smart app works in action!

Be Food Smart Films


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Lets Go Ride A Bike

Wheels for All are running a project funded by Derbyshire Sport called ‘Lets Go Ride a Bike’. There will be a workshop in early March for volunteers to help run sessions in the Queen’s Park (also at Parsley Hay, Carsington, Rosliston & Derby). They also have funding to provide 1:1 sessions in the Queen’s Park with up to 3 hours per trainee (3 x 1 hour sessions) for children aged 11 – 17.


Please take a look at the flyer attached and should you have any questions please get in touch. Please note that all training within the project is free of charge.




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