Smiles all around for successful infant festivals

15 schools across Chesterfield had the chance to experience a fun day of Sportshall athletics themed activities at the 2017 Infant Agility Festivals. Ran by the Chesterfield School Sport Partnership, Key Stage 1 pupils enjoyed a variety of activities. Spread across 12 stations, the activities were aimed at developing core stability, balance, agility, strength, speed and coordination.

Sarah Evans, Leadership and Physical Activity Officer at the SSP said, “We were delighted to welcome nearly 900 infants to take part in the KS1 Infant Agility festivals. It was great seeing so many young people taking part in the events, not only being active but they were able to interact with other young people from different schools.”

The ‘Striker’ activity proved to be one of the favourite stations, encouraging participants to focus on their accuracy and co-ordination. Albie, of Mary Swanwick, expressed, “The Striker was the best because I got to play two of my favourite games, football and bowling.”

Another popular station, ‘Bowler’, was a target challenge activity, which helps to develop rhythm, focus, accuracy and hand-eye coordination, skills that will transfer into a wide variety of games, challenges and activities. Katie from Temple Normanton said, “The one where you roll the ball to get the skittles down was my favourite because I like knocking them all over and I was really good at it.”

Mrs Plowright of Speedwell Infant School explained how “fantastic it has been for the children. We have seen such an improvement in a short amount of time. The leaders were fantastic with helping them to develop their skills.”

Other stations worked closely on Sportshall Athletics style activities, including a Balance station, Speed Bounce, Jumper, Stepper, Launcher and Runner. The Pitcher station was an excited target based activity that entailed the participant to aim the beanbag into the right coloured section on the mat. Working on accuracy, concentration and hand-eye co-ordination, one pupil from Holmehall Primary School described the activity as “tough, but I’m glad I did it because I didn’t know I could throw that well.”

Miss Hill, of Hady Primary School said, “There’s a good variety of activities. The leaders worked well at getting the children engaged. They were all out of breath which is what you want at events like this.”

Miss Hardy of Cutthorpe Primary School, “I was very nervous about splitting our school up but the leaders and rotations made it a very easy transition and the children loved every minute of it.”

The Key Stage 1 Infant Agility Festivals proved to be a popular event, running over six different days. We would like to give a special thanks to our numerous leaders of Springwell School, Netherthorpe School and Chesterfield College who made the events a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Mrs Carter and Mrs Gale from Temple Normanton described the festival as “engaging and challenging. It was nice to see so many pupils interacting well with each other from different schools. Something our children do not get to do very often. It is nice to have that opportunity.”


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Pupils race to become top runner

Almost 200 year two and three primary school pupils from across Chesterfield got involved in this year’s Fun 2 Run event, held at Holmebrook Valley Park. School teams consisted of five boys and five girls, selected after school ran their own mini ‘Fun to Run’ event in school.

The event had a focus on engaging young people in running, though a fun and positive event focused on participation and personal best.

Starting the day with the year 2 event, we were quick to begin with a warm up before moving onto a series of ‘Olympic themed relay’ races, Agility Run, Cone Collection, Balance Run, Jumping challenge and Hoop Race.

Jack from Hollingwood commented, “I loved the jumping challenge. I didn’t know I could jump that far!”

We soon moved onto our main activity that involved two short cross-country races, one for the girls followed by a separate race for the boys. A 700m course tested the year two runners endurance, with points being awarded to the top four runners from each school.

The girls were up first with a perfect start to the race. Heading quickly towards the finish line were Esme and Amber from Walton Holymoorside Primary School, followed very shortly by Imogen from Hady Primary School.

Our Gold winner Esme were delighted with her run, “I honestly loved running the race, and I can’t believe I won!”

Next up were the boys race, and with the girls cheering them along it was not long before the first runner, Jayden of Hady Primary School, was over the finish line! Following shortly behind him, another Hady pupil, Dyfan, took the Silver with Jack from Hollingwood taking the Bronze.

“I’m glad I came second, especially to someone from my school. It was a close race”, Dyfan, Hady Primary School.

After rounding all the participants up for results and awards, Hollingwood Primary School took the Bronze award with 85 points, followed by Hady Primary School taking Silver on 72 points. Walton Holymoorside Primary School received the Gold Medal for best Overall Team Score with a total of 56 points.

Following a fantastic morning, it was time for the Year 3 event, with over 100 pupils from 10 different schools taking part. After their ‘Olympic themed Relay’ races, they were quick to begin the race.

The girls began the 900m grass course with a speedy start. Keeping close to the hare, it was Jasmine from Cutthorpe Primary School to cross the finishing line first. Marlie from Brampton Primary school took the Silver place followed very closely by Imogen from Hady Primary School who received the Bronze award.

After a moment to get her breath back we asked Marlie how she felt. “I didn’t think I would do very well because I had hurt my ankle during the relay races, but I just kept on running and I’m so happy that I came second.”

The last race of the day were down to the boys, and it was Jack from Old Hall Junior School immediately took the lead and kept his first place position whilst crossing over the finish line. Charlie from Hollingwood Primary School wasn’t too far behind taking Silver place with Mackenzie from Hasland taking the Bronze.

Jack described, “I’m so happy I won. I like running anyway and always do it at home.”

With a short break to finalise the results, we were delighted to announce that Brockwell Primary School took third place with 137 points. On 114 points were Silver winners Hasland Junior School, but taking the Gold medal back with them, on 78 points, were Old Hall Junior School.

Overjoyed by the result, Mrs Hoole of Old Hall Junior School added, “I’m so proud of how well these girls and boys have done. We knew they were great but never expected to come away with the highest Overall Team Score. The event was ran brilliantly and I couldn’t ask for a better day. Thank you to everyone who were involved, my students have had an absolute blast!”

We would like to thank the leaders of Chesterfield College for all their help in supporting the Fun2Run event.

Photos from the afternoon races are available below.

Year 3 Boys

Year 3 Girls

Year 3 Relay Races

Year 3 Winners

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