Change 4 Life Champions promote healthy and active lifestyle

Change 4 Life Champions promote healthy and active lifestyle

Over 65 Key Stage 2 children from 18 schools across Chesterfield, North East Derbyshire and Bolsover took part in today’s Change 4 Life Champions Conference.

It was the second of our two Change 4 Life Conferences this academic year and was held in collaboration with the Bolsover and North East Derbyshire School Sport Partnerships.

The event began with an introduction from Change 4 Life Athlete Mentor and former Team GB Volleyball captain, Ben Pipes. 

The children then split into groups and took part in three Change 4 Life Champions modules to learn about Change 4 Life and how to deliver Change 4 Life Clubs. This included a fun and active station with Pipes, who taught the champions about the Space, Task, Equipment, People (STEP) principle.

Another station built upon teamwork skills and the final one allowed the children to think of how, when and where they could deliver Change 4 Life programmes in their schools.

Using modules developed and supported by the Youth Sport Trust, who have harnessed the inspiration of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, we aim to provide training for Key Stage 2 Change 4 Life Champions so they can be positive role models for their least active classmates.

The Champions will now be able to go back to schools, implement some of the things they have learned and support Change 4 Life Clubs of their own.

The national Change 4 Life Sports Club programme is designed to increase physical activity levels among the least active pupils by creating an exciting and inspirational environment to get them active.

It aims to harness the inspiration of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games to encourage less active young people to do physical activity and engage in school sport. The programmes are designed to provide less active young people with a fun way to increase their self-confidence, resilience and self-esteem.

Sarah Evans, Leadership and Physical Activity Officer at the Chesterfield School Sport Partnership, said: “We wanted the day to be fun and engaging for the Champions. The Change 4 Life Champions have today learned how to run Change 4 Life programmes and how to publicise a healthy and active lifestyle. I can’t wait to see what they come up with.”

The Key Stage 2 pupils had a great time during the fun activities and learned a great deal about the meaning behind Change 4 Life.

Owen, from Staveley Junior School, said: “I loved making the Change 4 Life posters. We had some really good ideas.

Madison, also from Staveley, said: “The best bit was the throw and catch with Ben. And making the posters!”

There was also a deliverer’s workshop for teachers which ran parallel to the conference.

Attended by over 20 energised members of staff, the Change 4 Life Deliverers workshop developed the knowledge and expertise in school staff and club deliverers to effectively deliver Change 4 Life Clubs. It was also used to raise achievement and impact on whole school priorities.

Delivering the workshop, Mark Tournier, Partnership Development Manager at the Chesterfield School Sport Partnership, said: “It was a privilege to deliver the Change 4 Life workshop this afternoon to an engaging audience of staff, who all acknowledge the crucial role physical activity plays in developing healthy active young people and the positive impact this plays on whole school outcomes.”

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Schools can access free Change 4 Life resources here.

Details of the Youth Sport Trust and their involvement with Change 4 Life.

Further information on the NHS website.

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