Get involved with Sky Sports Living for Sport

Get involved with Sky Sports Living for Sport

Sky Sports Living for Sport is up and running again in 2016 and we are encouraging schools to sign up and take part. The scheme is all about improving the confidence of pupils in schools and encouraging them to take part in sport.

What is the Sky Sports Living for Sport project?

In 2003, Sky teamed up with the Youth Sport Trust to develop Sky Sports Living for Sport – it’s free and open to all secondary schools across the UK. Make sure your schools is part of the 100,000 people that will take part in the scheme during 2016.

Sky Sports Living for Sport uses sports stars and the skills learnt through sport to help build confidence and develop practical skills in young people. It’s not about finding the next sporting superstar, it’s about using sport to positively change behaviours, whatever your sporting ability. At the heart of the initiative is our dedicated team of over 100 world-class Athlete Mentors, who go into schools and work in partnership with teachers to deliver your chosen project with a selected group of students.

The basis of the Sky Sports Living for Sport campaign involves devising and running a project for a target group of up to 20 students who you feel need support in improving their life skills. It’s a good idea to mix up your group so it contains a range of abilities – this helps boost confidence and has led to some great examples of peer mentoring.

The group will then be encouraged to pick a sport (or sports) and set group and individual goals to achieve over a number of weeks. Remembering that sporting success is not the priority, the students will be encouraged to work together to achieve these goals and improve upon skills such as confidence, organisation and teamwork.

Find out more with the Sky Sports Living for Sport Starter Pack or by visiting their website.

Still not convinced? Here are some testimonials from successful projects.

Fraser Armstrong embraced the practical skills championed by Sky Sports Living for Sport Athlete Mentor Steve Frew. As an autistic student Fraser found communicating with others a challenge. Participating in the project gave Fraser the skills to overcome the barriers he faced, display his passion for sport and become dedicated to self-improvement.

Fraser’s teacher, Craig Milne, said: “Fraser has shown great resilience, overcoming every obstacle he has encountered and is now a fabulous example of how sport can enrich lives.”

Rory Doherty has long suffered with severe dyslexia and often struggled when socially interacting with others, which had a significant impact on Rory’s self-esteem and confidence. There was a huge change in Rory’s disposition around the school throughout the project. Learning a new sport as well as a number of valuable life skills have helped in both applying himself to his studies and interacting with others. He has since gone on to join a local GAA club in order to pursue his interest in the sport and has engaged more in extracurricular activities in the college as a result.

Rory said: “Sky Sports Living for Sport has really changed my life and given me so much more confidence. It has helped me overcome many challenges and I want to use these skills to become a mentor myself.”

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